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EA helps businesses to develop technical specifications

for product designs and pipeline projects. We handle Pressure Calculations, Thickness Calculation, Burried Pipes Calulation, Heat Loss Calculations, Flange Thickness Calculation, Buckling Calculation, Nozzle Calculation, Fitting thickness calculation For product engineering assignments,

we provide the technical requirements and quality of components required

to achieve specific product functions using the international standards like AWWA, ASTM, ASME , BS EN and API. This service is essential for product design and procurement projects.

One of the vital technical requirements of pipe design is the minimum wall thickness of pipes of different sizes considering derating factors.

These factors are essential to enhance product durability and resilience to withstand exposure to specific temperature, chemical, pressure and other loadings. Hence, the thickness calculation provides the data required to improve safety and maintain a piping system in an excellent service state.

All International Standards required long term and mid term qualification tests, International Standards are below:

  •  Water ,Sewer Application for Gravity and Pressure: BS EN 1796, BS EN 14364, ASTM D3262, ASTM D 3517, AWWA C950


  •  Industrial Application: ASTM D 3754


  •  Oil and Gas Application: API 15 LR , ISO 14692


  • High Pressure Application: API 15 HR


  •  Design Codes: ASME B31.3, BS 7159, ISO 14692