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We have a team of expert engineers

with extensive experience in piping structural engineering and designs for burried pipes, exposed pipes, sub-marine pipes and on ground piping.

External factors such as weights, pressure, thermal load, wind, seismic and other loading cause stress in a piping system. This strain becomes more prominent in environments with extreme temperature fluctuations or where equipment is sensitive to external loads. Our full spectrum system flexibility and stress analysis service evaluate and confirm the structural and operational integrity of piping systems.

Our teams have the experience
and technical competence

to handle projects ranging from simple analysis to complicated ones requiring vibration analysis.

We undertake a cross-section system flexibility and stress analysis projects including Lube Oil Refining Plant, Power Plant, Rising Mains, LNG Processing Unit, Desalination Plants, Fire Water, Potable Water, and Chemical Plants.

helps us deliver underground piping designs that are durable, safe, cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly.